Objectives and Functions

BAPLC was incorporated in 1999 with certain prime objectives to promote, protect and safeguard the interest of Listed Companies. Hereunder is a synopsis of the objectives.

  • To promote, protect and safeguard the interest of Listed Companies and foster ideas of co­operation and mutual help amongst members, aid and stimulate the development and encourage the Listed Companies in Bangladesh.
  • To counsel, co-operate and co-ordinate in the corporate activities of Listed Companies and generally to set guidelines for common external responses.
  • To promote and safeguard the economic interest of its members through exchange of information, adoption of equitable forms of contacts and to promote the commerce, industry, science and art in all its branches.
  • To participate in matters of interest relating to the Listed Companies by sending delegates and advisers to various bodies, Government or public, dealing with or interested in such matters.
  • To promote friendly relationship and unanimity of purpose among various Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Trade and Industrial Associations in Bangladesh and to help co-operation among them and their counterparts in other countries of the world.
  • To edit and publish journals, books, magazines and other publications for promotion of the cause of Listed Companies, trade, commerce and industrialization in Bangladesh.
  • To collect and disseminate statistical and other information and to make efforts for the spread of commercial, technical and economic knowledge to promote and advance, commercial, technical, industrial and scientific education in the country and to find and support institutions for such purposes.
  • To communicate with Government, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other similar public bodies within or outside Bangladesh with a view to connecting and promoting measures for protection of Listed Companies, their trade, commerce and industry in respect of the same.
  • To secure organized action direct or indirect on any matter relating to interest and development of the Listed Companies.
  • To do all such other things as may be conducive to the industry or incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects of the Association or any of them.
  • To consider and help formulating the policy of Government, SEC and other similar public bodies from time to time relating to questions pertaining to trade, commerce, industry and the Listed Companies.
  • To enter into any arrangements and to take all necessary and proper steps with Government, SEC or with authorities, national, legal, Municipal or otherwise of any place in which the Association or its members may have interest and to promote or assist the promotion whether directly or indirectly of any legislation which may appear to be in the interest of the Association; and to oppose and resist, whether directly or indirectly any legislation which may seem disadvantageous to the Association or its members.
  • To establish equitable principles in trade, commerce and industry and affairs of Listed Companies.
  • To adjust controversies which may arise between the members of the Association and to arbitrate in the settlement of disputes of commercial interests or transactions between parties willing and agreeing to abide by the judgment of the Association.
  • To secure adequate representation of Listed Companies in statutory bodies, commercial and industrial delegations.
  • To take all steps by lawful means that be necessary for promoting, supporting or opposing legislation or any other action affecting the interest of Listed Companies and in general to take initiative to secure and safeguard the interests of the Listed Companies in all respects.


Contact Address

Gulshan Palladium (5th Floor, Flat: D5),
House C-1, Road 95, Gulshan 2,
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

PABX: 02-8831195, 02222297740
Fax : 02 488 11460
Email: baplc@dhaka.net
Website: www.baplc.org
Office Hour: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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